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Success of students at the 24th European Accounting Week

The 24th European Accountancy Week (EAW) took place between March 11 and 16 in Lodz, Poland. The Faculty of Economics of the University of Sopron was represented by Gréta Baán International Management student and Márk Trinkl in tourism and catering, as well as lecturer Prof. Dr. Zsuzsanna Széles.


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The Soproni Közgáz team achieved first place in the XXII. National Financial Case Study Competition

The students of the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics won one of the most prestigious economic-themed professional competitions of the Hungarian higher education.



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International Students of the Lámfalussy Faculty went to explore Szombathely

On the 1sst of December, a group of spirited international students from the Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics embarked on a journey to Szombathely.


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Intercultural Gathering at the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics

On the enchanting afternoon of Thursday, November 30th, the vibrant community of third-year international economics students hosted a delightful intercultural gathering at the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics. 

20231130-Intercultural_ Gathering.jpg

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The 20th International Scientific Conference

The Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics “Sustainability Transitions: Challenges and Innovative Solutions” conference – held on November 23, 2023 – was a part of the Hungarian Science Festival, a Hungarian Academy of Sciences-initiated national series of program events.


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Project Week at the Faculty of Economics: Promoting through Social Media Marketing

Within the framework of the project week held between 6th and 9th November, international students at the University of Sopron delved into the realm of digital marketing, shooting captivating promotional videos that highlight the essence of our esteemed institution.


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Conference on the occasion of the Hungarian Science Festival at the Lamfalussy Faculty

Sustainability Transitions: Challenges and Innovative Solutions


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One-day Protocol and Etiquette course at Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics UOS

Students majoring in international business economics had the honor of having a full-day protocol and etiquette course.


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Intercultural Day was a great success at the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics

The fourth Intercultural Day was held on 6th of December 2022 at the University of Sopron Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics.


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The Lamfalussy Faculty Science Day Conference Was a Success

“Society – Economy – Nature: Synergies in Sustainable Development” was the title of the traditional international scientific conference held on 3 November 2022 by the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics at the University of Sopron on the occasion of Hungarian Science Festival.


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The students of the University of Sopron went on a trip to the Fertő-Hanság National Park

The international students of the University of Sopron visited Fertő-Hanság National Park for the second time this year, on 15th of October. The trip was organized by the Faculty of Economics.


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