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International Students of the Lámfalussy Faculty went to explore Bábolna and Komárom

On the 3rd of May, the international students of the Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics embarked on a journey to Bábolna and Komárom, immersing themselves in a day filled with history, culture, and horses.


The trip was a unique experience, where the students gained a deeper insight into the history of the surrounding area.

The day started with a bus ride, hoping that the rain would stop until they reached the destination. The first stop was in Bábolna, visiting the Bábolna Nemzeti Ménesbirtok (The Stud of Bábolna). Here, amidst the nostalgic surroundings, they delved into the rich history of the stud. They had the opportunity to meet and pet the majestic stallions and learn about their significance in Hungarian culture and heritage.

Following the visitation, the group went to a local restaurant in Komárom, where some had their first taste of palacsinta (Hungarian crepe).


The journey ended with a guided tour in the Star Fortress, a historical memorial site. Led by a knowledgeable guide, the students learned about the strategic importance of the Fortress(es). Moreover, they delved into art history, gaining a deeper understanding of the time period between the ancient times and the Renaissance.

Overall, the day in Komárom was a mixture of education, exploration, and fun.



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