Payment instructuions

In the following please find information about application fee and tuition fee payment for the upcoming academic year:

Application fee payment:

Application fee: 15000HUF

By sending your application, please send also your application fee to the following account:

Account number and datas:

Name of the bank: Magyar Államkincstár (Magyar Allamkincstar)

Address of the bank: H-9022 Győr, Czuczor Gergely u. 26. HUNGARY

Name of the recipient: Soproni Egyetem

Adress of the recipient: H-9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4. HUNGARY

Account number: 10033001-00290610-01110009

IBAN: HU02 1003 3001 0029 0610 0111 0009

second SWIFT-code for non-EU countries (if necessary): MANEHUHB

The EUR/USD payment will be transferred into HUF so please consider the bank-fees and the transaction-fees and make sure that the transferred amount covers the amount of your application fee.


Tuition fee payment

If you got accepted by the university, you’ll receive a ’Notification’ document, where all payment details will be listed. Please do not transfer tuition fee before you receive the ’Notification’ document!

Refund policy: if you don't get the visa from the embassy and you can not start with your studies, 90% of the paid tuition fee will be transferred to the account you give us.