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2023.04.25. Public defence – Christina Schabasser


public defence
by the PhD applicant

Date of the defense:
25th April 2023 at 10.00 a.m.


István Széchenyi Economics and Management Doctoral School  

cordially invites you to an English language public defense by the PhD applicant  





The title of the dissertation:  

Strategic analysis of product variety and supply chain complexity in the fast fashion apparel industry 

Date of the defence: 

25th April 2023 at 10.00 a.m. 



University of Sopron Alexander Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics 

(Sopron, Erzsébet Str. 9.)

Chair of the Committee: 

Prof. Dr. Csilla OBÁDOVICS professor (SOE LKK) 


Reviewers of the Committee: 

Prof. Dr. Anna TÖRŐNÉ DUNAY professor (NJE) 

Dr. László KOLOSZÁR associate professor (SOE LKK) 

Members of the committee: 

Dr. István BARTÓK associate professor (SOE LKK) 

Prof. Dr. Csaba Bálint ILLÉS professor (NJE) 

Supervisor of the applicant: 

Prof. Dr. Csaba SZÉKELY professor (SOE LKK) 

Prof. Dr. Csilla OBÁDOVICS
head of the Doctoral School 

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