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Project Week at the Faculty of Economics: Promoting through Social Media Marketing

Within the framework of the project week held between 6th and 9th November, international students at the University of Sopron delved into the realm of digital marketing, shooting captivating promotional videos that highlight the essence of our esteemed institution.


On Monday the journey kicked off with an immersive presentation on digital marketing and video editing. Guided by professionals, and with the help of PhD students, prticipants absorbed key insights into the complexity of social media marketing. With innovative ideas buzzing in the air, the day was devoted to conceptualizing the themes and messages that would define their promotional videos.

Blessed with beautiful weather, Tuesday saw our international group taking to the streets, cameras in hand. Filming against the picturesque sights of the city, the students captured the dynamic spirit of Sopron. Other students and people of Sopron became accidental extras in the cinematic narrative of the university, adding an authentic touch to the videos.

Wednesday marked a return to familiar grounds. Armed with newfound skills and inspiration, students captured the essence of university life, academic pursuits, and the vibrant campus atmosphere. In the afternoon, the focus shifted to the editing room, where the raw footage was transformed into polished promotional pieces.

The results of the project unfolded on Thursday. Students gathered to unveil their videos and the classroom echoed with applause and appreciation as each group shared their visual narratives. After each participant was awarded with a certificate of the successful completion of the project, the group took a walk in the sunny weather to the Botanika coffee, where, amidst sips of coffee and bites of breakfast, students engaged in a spirited discussion reflecting on the week that had transpired. Laughter resonated as experiences were recounted, challenges discussed, and the collective journey celebrated over a shared meal. This casual yet profound gathering at Botanika not only marked the end of an impactful project week but also strengthened the bonds formed through collaborative learning and creative exploration.

This innovative project not only extended the students' skills in digital marketing and video production but also fostered cross-cultural collaboration and a deeper understanding of the university's identity. The resulting videos show the diverse perspectives that make the University of Sopron a truly global academic community. As the curtains closed on this successful project week, the promotional videos will continue to invite prospective students from around the world to join the vibrant tapestry that is the University of Sopron.


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