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One-day Protocol and Etiquette course at Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics UOS

Students majoring in international business economics had the honor of having a full-day protocol and etiquette course.


University of Sopron Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics provided a full-day protocol and etiquette course with the help of the Hungarian Protocol Association on the 12th of May 2023. The course was held by Mr. Zsolt Bóta MSc former professional career diplomat of Hungary, member of the Association. Participating students studying international business economics could get knowledge about various topics of protocol and etiquette.

In the first part of the course, students got familiar with the function of protocol, diplomatic protocol and general rules of conduct. After came the rules of international business etiquette. In the afternoon, they became acquainted with protocol relationships, how to establish them and how to maintain contacts in business life and diplomacy. The last two topics were business and diplomatic events and table manners. The seven topics comprised a total of ten teaching units.

We had the opportunity to cooperate with the Hungarian Protocol Association for the first time, but we hope that we will have the opportunity to provide high-standard courses to our students with the assistance of the Association and Mr. Zsolt Bóta in the future too.


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