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International Students of the Lámfalussy Faculty went to explore Szombathely

On the 1sst of December, a group of spirited international students from the Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics embarked on a journey to Szombathely.


This trip was a thrilling exploration of history, innovation, and cultural richness.


Our expedition kicked off with a bus ride filled with anticipation and excitement. The first destination was The Pannon Business Network Association, where students explored advanced manufacturing, management, and senior treatment converged. We witnessed cutting-edge technologies and management strategies and were offered a glimpse into the future of various industries.


After an enriching company visit the group went to a local restaurant, where we shared stories over a delectable lunch.


The next stop transported us back in time—way back—to the ancient Roman era. The Iseum Savariense unfolded the city's rich history. Walking through the remnants of ancient architecture and insight into the lives and legacies of those who walked these streets centuries ago was fascinating.


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