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Intercultural Gathering at the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics

On the enchanting afternoon of Thursday, November 30th, the vibrant community of third-year international economics students hosted a delightful intercultural gathering at the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics. 

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This captivating event was thoughtfully created for international and English-speaking students, with the aim of fostering connections among students from diverse corners of the world and creating a joyful space to explore each other's rich cultures.


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The afternoon unfolded with engaging activities, including classics like Hangman, Activity, and the ever-intriguing "Who am I?". Attendees were treated to a culinary journey, sampling an array of delectable pastries and snacks featuring cherished recipes from various countries, masterfully prepared by the organizers.


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This convivial occasion extended its warm invitation to students not only from the economics realm but also from other faculties. Amidst the laughter and shared moments, attendees revelled in the welcoming atmosphere, seizing numerous opportunities to forge connections, appreciate cultural diversity, and revel in the delightful tapestry of their peers' backgrounds. The event truly epitomized the spirit of unity, joy, and cross-cultural celebration.


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