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The CEEPUS programme is a multi-state exchange programme, specially adapted to the needs of the Central European countries.
The aim of the programme is to provide new impulses for the international students and teachers exchange in Central Europe and decrease the asymmetric development in this region. The programme is financed from funds of national budgets on the basis of the agreements between the national ministries of education of countries participating in the programme.
For further information about the programme, please visit the official website of the CEEPUS programme.

The selection procedure of students interested in exchange studies takes place during the spring months‘ always for the forthcoming academic year. The basic selection is carried out at the faculties, which are currently informed about the number of students and teachers who can travel abroad within the CEEPUS programme and are also informed about the possibility of leaving the university for one semester or for the whole academic year.

Students must present to their faculties their CV, motivation letter and a confirmed extract of their results from the finished semesters including the results‘ average. Those students who are definitely selected by their faculties, are obliged to submit the necesarry documents afterwards also in English or in German. Students will also be informed about the method of on-line application for the CEEPUS programme.

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