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Business Administration Management BSc

Duration of studies: 6 semesters + 1 semesters internship
Study mode: full time
Language of instruction: English
Qualification at the end of studies: Economist BSc level

About the programme: This undergraduate programme aims to train foreign language-speaking economists in the field of business administration and management. You will be able to implement tasks related to business administration and management as well as manage and organize related work processes. You will also possess a sound knowledge of economics, social theory, applied methodological, and specialized knowledge. You will be skilled in determining factors affecting demand, creating attractive and adventurous offers, and organizing related service activities.

Main subjects: Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Marketing, Corporate finance, Financial analysis, Human resource management, Marketing management, Management and organization, Controlling, Strategic planning etc.

Job opportunities: Due to the complexity of the programme and its knowledge covering all company functions in many business area – for example: logistics, marketing, finance, HR, etc. – the graduate student will be able to get a job. We recommend this programme especially for those who want to find a job in the corporate sector, small and medium-sized, or larger, even multinational companies in the economic field, hold a managerial position, or want to start their own business etc.

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Tuition fee/semester


Business Administration Management BSc

7 semesters

1850 USD

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