2019.05.22. Nyilvános védés

Doris Maria Granabetter
doktorjelölt PhD-értekezésének
nyilvános védése

2019. május 22., 10:30 óra

István Széchenyi Management and Organisation Sciences Doctoral School
cordially invites you to a public defence
by the PhD applicant

Doris Maria Granabetter

Date of the defense::
22 MAY 2019. at 10:30 a.m

UNIVERSITY OF SOPRON Alexander Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics,
Sopron, Erzsébet str. 9., Room 15.

The title of the PhD dissertation:
Export – What conditions are necessary for entrepreneurs to go abroad?

Chair of the Reviewing Committee:
Prof. Dr. Éva Kiss DSc professor

Reviewers of the dissertation:
Dr. Tamás Czeglédy associate professor
Dr. Magdolna Sass associate professor - Budapest Business School
HAS CERS - Institute of Economics

Members of the reading committee:
Dr. Bartók István associate professor
Dr. Tamás Hardi associate professor (University of Győr)

Supervisor of the applicant:
Prof. Dr. Markus Mau

Prof. Dr. Kiss Éva DSc
head of the Doctoral School