08.03.2020 – 14.03.2020 Our students were at European Accounting Week

Thanks to the cooperation between the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and the University of Sopron, two of our students participated in this year's European Accountancy Week program. Maralaa Gantumur wrote a report on her experiences.

Experience gained from the 21th European Accountancy Week in Gyor, Hungary.

08.03.2020 – 14.03.2020

I’m Maralaa Gantumur (from Mongolia) Bachelor student majoring in International Business Economics. I would like to share my opinion and experience which were gained during the participation in the European Accountancy Week.

The 21th European Accountancy Week (EAW) was held 8th - 14th of March, in Gyor, Hungary. It was a great opportunity to participate in this event with Dzsenifer Szente (Finance and Accounting BA Student). Special thanks to our Professor Zsuzsanna Széles for assisting us, helping and taking care of us.

The Faculty joined the European Organization for European Taxation and Accounting in Practice (ETAP) in 2012, which aimed at practice-oriented accounting education, exchange of experience and knowledge among instructors and students of participating institutions, while familiarizing themselves with International Financial Reporting Standards.

After all, it was no surprise to us that we had to communicate in English all week. We came from 18 institutions in 15 countries with my students. This week was primarily about learning, with lectures given by lecturers from partner institutions (equity, assets, liability, and financial analysis) and then, after the theory, we had to solve the related practical exercises, in other words Workshops, in team which consists of 4-5 students (mixed nationalities).

Besides studying, of course, there was also time for fun. The first evening we were organized Tasting Activity, which was prepared by the participants – each country has its own table with their traditional dishes and beverages. It was memorable and great moment spent with the international students, also nice opportunity to taste sweets, snakes, drinks, etc. from different countries. Other days, the Hungarian hosts showed us the Szechenyi Istvan University, the city of Gyor – one of my personal favorites – and Pannonhalma (the Castle and specially the library). In downtown of Gyor, we roamed with our nanny during our free time.

We gained a lot of new knowledge from the professional and cultural side of the week. In my opinion, a basic understanding of international accounting standards should be provided to all students interested in accounting. Besides, I would recommend taking part in competitions for those who want to move out of their comfort zone. Not only professionally, but also humanly, a lot of things can be learned - even from our competitors. It is worth putting a lot of emphasis on learning a foreign language as English, it was the common bridge that connected us and helped us to make many new friends.

In addition, we were participated successfully: Dzsenifer Szente, a student in Finance and Accounting, took 1st place in the "Most Professional Team" categories. Well, myself, which BA student majoring in International Business Economics, took 3rd place in the "Cultural Game" category.

It was a pleasure for being representative of University of Sopron at the EAW. I’m grateful to our University and to Professor Zsuzsanna Széles for the great opportunity and unforgettable experience, and good luck to next year's EAW!

Maralaa Gantumur